David Barrow

Manchester Academy of Fine Art (MAFA)


David Barrow is a Lancashire based Fine Artist, and is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art. David is interested in local history and proud of his heritage, he pays homage to his home town through his paintings.

Haigh Hall

The boys are always painted in grey shorts and white shirts, this is a reference to David’s childhood. He has fond memories of escaping from school at the end of the day, running straight to the park with his brothers.

The girls are depicted as triangular shapes, emulating how a child would draw a girl themselves. All the girls are dressed in white, with the exception of one little girl who has a red poker-dot dress.

Walking days

The texture of David’s paintings is very important to the aesthetic of his work. He creates authenticity in his painting through a series of deliberate mistakes. Layers are built up using jute hessian, then David cuts primitive drawings into the paint using a blade. Colours have been limited in this series, to unite and simplify the paintings. 

The Allotment

David has a studio and often enjoys plein air painting, with the company of his dog, Pip.

Wigan baths